It's all about the journey

The Personal Leadership in Business by Boxing programme offers between six and eight business leaders the opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of imbalance. In a small group of like-minded people, you will work for an extended period on your own goals. Realise the lasting, positive effects of your personal well being.

An effective and powerful base programme

The base programme lasts six months and consists of six training sessions. Every month for half a day (Sunday), you and the other members of the group will come together to start tackling the four basic programme elements. In between, you will all be assigned tasks to complete in preparation for the following training session.

During the first group session, your general condition will be taken into account. This sizing-up forms the basis for a personalised training programme, which is tailored to your individual objectives. We track your progress throughout the programme.

Individual coaching sessions

An important part of our programme is the executive coaching. In addition to the monthly group sessions, you will receive three individual coaching sessions. It’s here that your personal objectives and progress will be discussed thoroughly. You can apply the insights you gather straight away in your work and personal life, and will reflect back on those later in the programme.

Reinforce in Thailand

The programme closes with a leadership trip to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in Thailand. This is where we help you bring all the elements together that you claimed for your own, and reinforce those deep into your system. Surrounded by this unique environment, you can take time out to gain space and peace for yourself. Make a positive change in your life.

Group dynamics, Thai-focussed activities, taking a minute to just breathe; these provide an intense experience. Thailand offers a unique blend of reflection (meditation), health (climate, food, massage), personal power development (Muay Thai Boxing) and gorgeous nature. Precisely the elements that we all miss so often in our daily lives.

The results

Participating in this programme, you gain a clear perspective about what is important to you, what your talents are and what you want to do with them. You understand how to reflect on different aspects of your life such as work, health, relationships and hobbies, how to analyse these intuitive reflections to make the right choices for yourself. You have experimented with these reflections in practice and learned how to turn your needs into concrete goals. Into your personal mission statement.

Have we caught your interest? Then let’s plan your free appointment and discover whether this leadership journey could help you get more enjoyment, health and balance into your life.