Somewhere in the back of your mind you have desires. To live healthier, experience less stress, be with your family and friends more or even dare to make that career switch.

You ignore them, too much to think about right now. After all, your work not only provides you with the opportunity to develop yourself, it also gives you the means to provide for your loved ones. Bringing your desires into reality is a challenge on your own.

We have already seen that a person can achieve balance in life, without risking a career unnecessarily. You can do it too, but only if you take it seriously. Only if you make the first step.


Personal Leadership in Business by Boxing is a unique leadership programme. Sure, it focuses on improving your mental capacity, but also your physical condition.

It’s the only leadership programme in the Netherlands to combine insights, techniques and training from the boxing world, fitness, yoga and executive coaching. To help you take the pressure, expectations and personal attacks that come with successful leadership and transform those into a healthy and sustainable balance. You feel more capable to expand your success in the workplace and also in life.

The programme touches all four corners of the boxing ring. Four basic elements, each element with its own specialist, to provide training and give you individual coaching and advice.

Boxing training

Empower primary strength, stress reduction and technique with boxing workouts.

Mental coaching

Mental coaching based on personal inquiry increases your emotional stability.

Fitness and nutrition

Being healthy and feeling healthy is all about physical fitness and nutrition.

Yoga and meditation

Relaxation and reflection comes through yoga and meditation.


Depending on your personal needs there are various options for the Personal Leadership in Business by boxing programme.

Trial Session Business & Boxing
1:1 boxing and coaching session (2 hours)
A non-committal boxing training to get acquainted with the programme. The coachee gets feedback about his or her behaviour and reactions as a boxer in the ring. The boxing coach gives a reflection on the coachee from his perspective and experience. The process is supervised by a business coach.
Boxing & Coaching
Based on individual needs
Individual coaching programme in which the coachee uses some elements of the programme to restore balance in life. After a trial session a personal plan is made for a number of follow-up sessions.
Full Focus
Full programme with all facets
Individual coaching programme in which the coachee mentally, emotionally and physically enters a one-way road and gets full support to create balance in his or her life. It treats symptoms of stress and burn-out or prevents it.
Team session boxing
Sparring with colleagues
An afternoon at the boxing gym to accelerate the achievement of current team goals. These include learning to give feedback, strengthen mutual trust, getting to know each other’s behaviour and preferences or forcing dialogues.
Team Journey
Tailored company programme
Full programme for teams, management or board of directors which treats all four corners of the boxing ring. It allows the participants to mentally, emotionally and physically grow stronger and it brings the group into balance.
Leadership Journey
Half-year personal leadership programme
The ultimate Personal Leadership in Business by Boxing experience. An exclusive 6-month programme in which you will work on your own goals in a small group of like-minded people. The experience ends with an intense leadership journey to Thailand realising lasting, positive effects of your personal well being. This programme starts when enough participants are interested, closely considering the group composition.

Participating in this programme, you gain a clear perspective about what is important to you, what your talents are and what you want to do with them. You understand how to reflect on different aspects of your life such as work, health, relationships and hobbies, how to analyse these intuitive reflections to make the right choices for yourself.
You have experimented with these reflections in practice and have learned how to turn your needs into concrete goals. Into your personal mission statement.


The Personal Leadership in Business by Boxing programme is carried out by four specialists.

team image
Akkie Muller
Organiser and executive coach
Clients such as AT, Heineken, PwC, Houthoff Buruma and FD have been relying on his opinionated coaching for years now. Because there is always more, and it can always be organised better, Akkie developed the Personal Leadership in Business by Boxing programme. His own personal blend of experiences and experiments, wrapped up in valuable insights. And now he will share them.
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Avi Azoulay
Boxing trainer
Originally from Israel, Avi is a martial arts master pur sang. He has a gift for coaching whilst boxing: I teach my clients the art of fighting, without the fight. Something that makes a huge impact on people. Avi prefers to work with pads, one on one.
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Alina Ploeznik
Personal trainer condition and nutrition
Born in Ukraine, where sports are spoon-fed from birth, Alina is an extremely passionate personal trainer. She keeps a sharp eye on all the latest international health and fitness trends, and is the proud owner of an exclusive gym in Naarden since 2015. ``I'm not saying it's going to be easy, I'm saying it's going to be worth it!``
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Esteriek de Heij
Yoga and meditation teacher
Esteriek has a keen sense of what people need and how much they can handle. She can connect easily and knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere, to help people feel at ease. She offers her clients a moment. One in which they have no role to concern themselves with, where there is no ‘have to’ and all is as it should be. For a moment; not a mother or a boss, not an employer or a leader.


Read our regular posts about the programme in the way of articles, blogs and updates.

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